Movie review & recap of premiere in

New York, Nov. 12, 2005

Before reading this review for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I just want to say that I had a great time at the New York premiere. After a hectic day I got to see the movie with Jeff and I really want to thank Warner Bros. for giving me a ticket. I met more than a few members from other sites e.g., Matt & Aris from VTM, Andy, Zack & Cathy from HPFZ, all the guys from MuggleNet (to many to name), Sharon from, Jenna & Allo from and Melissa & crew from TLC. It was great to put a face to a name.

NOW ON WITH MY REVIEW -- OK, I was going to write this review after seeing the movie the first time at the NY premiere but realized that I would have to seriously see the movie again before actually writing anything because it all goes by in such a rush that you really can only remember certain parts & the rest just goes by in a blur. I've now seen the movie twice and can only say that it gets better every time I see it.

So here goes: the movie is BRILLITANT, easily the best Harry Potter movie in the series. The addition of Brendan Gleason and Ralph Fiennes was an added bonus to this film.

Brendan Gleeson, as Mad-Eye-Moody is a welcome addition to an already amazing adult cast and with his subtle mannerisms you really do like him even if he is a bit rough around the edges. If you haven't read the books you certainly won't know anything about who he 'really' is as he doesn't give anything away, but look back (which you will have to do) & you will notice the subtle signs – they are there.

Ralph Fiennes is great as Lord Voldemort and even in costume, you can still recognize him. I won't spoil how he looks or acts but you can definitely see that, if he continues in the role, it will be a joy to see him in the remaining movies.

The best scenes in the movie for me were: all the tasks, which were simply amazing; the Yule Ball (except one scene); the kids learning to dance, the arguing between Ron and Harry and the ferret scene.

One of the funniest scenes in the movie, which was not in the book, is when Prof. Snape decides that Ron & Harry are making too much noise in the Great Hall. They are discussing how they will never find dates for the Yule Ball & Snape hits each of them on the head with a book, then furthers their punishment by pushing their heads down when they still continue to talk.

My only complaints about the movie, and there are really only five:

- Rushed -- The movie passes at an incredibly rate & this is especially evident when we go from the Burrow, to the QWC, deatheathers & Hogwarts in the first 10 minutes.

- A scene from the Yule Ball which is truly out-of-sync for any Harry Potter movie and frankly should have been left on the cutting room floor or as an addition on the DVD. Everyone who sees the movie will know exactly what I am talking, but a mosh pit at Hogwarts, really?

- Humor -- Goblet of Fire is a dark book, the first in the series that truly brings Lord Voldemort to the forefront of Harry's trouble & while there is some humor in the other books, it would seem that to balance this film, too much humor was added to the movie.

- Editing -- Can someone please learn to edit a Potter flick & stop ending a scene & immediately jump to something that couldn't have possibly happened in the time given? Now I'm sure those edited pieces will be included in the DVD, but come on – giving us an extra 5 or 10 minutes would have helped the flow of the movie & not made it feel so rushed.

- Hormones -- Now I know the book is full of them, but it would have taken only a few seconds for someone to explain to the audience why all the boys seem to fall over themselves when the girls from Beauxbatons enter the Great Hall or the reason why Ron is all-a-flutter after he has asked Fleur to the Yule Ball. It is not his hormones that are making him act that way!

All in all the movie is brilliant (haven't I said that before) and you will definitely have to see it more than once to fully get it – run don't walk to your local theatre and see it, as it is truly the best Potter movie I have seen to date. 

Certainly my pick for the best Potter movie to date, followed by Prisoner of Azkaban, Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets.